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Anonymous Reviews by Soundout

Everybody is talking

Clean sound, catchy baseline, clean rapping, groovy rhythm, and the chorus is easy to sing along to. This song would be fun to dance to and I can see this playing in dance clubs. I thinks it's a super chill and groovy rap song to groove along too in a European sports car cruising through a city full of lights at night.

Nice beginning and the music got your attention instantly. The voice went good with the music and it was nicely composed and went well together. I usually don't enjoy this type of music but this was a nice catchy song and would listen to it again. Overall, the music and singing were very nice.


I love the music In the intro I'm not sure what instrument it is or if it's automated. I like the lines the guy sings -- the song has meaning to it. He has a good rapping voice and I can tell what he's saying most of the time. Daddy is here for you and it's alright now. I'm hoping he's talking about his kid

 The first moments of this song caught my interest with their mysterious air. The vocalist definitely has talent and his voice was reminiscent of twenty one pilots. The rapping on the verses was very enjoyable.

 As soon as i heard the beat of this song my head started bobbing. The beat of this song is very appealing. The lyrics are very fresh and this song flows very well. The lack of repetition is very good and i like that a lot. The rapping is really clear and i can make out every word. The chorus is really catchy and makes me snap my fingers. The rapping of this song is impressive because of how the clear the words are. I would recommend this song to anyone!

 I love the intro sounds clean sounds like it has a fresh beat.I almost just started dancing. Love the way the key boards and drums a company one another sounds like it was meant to be these rappers have a very good chance of making it in the industry I can't wait to hear the songs on the radio I would definitely music keep up the good work.


 The beat to this song is just smooth. Her Lycris just go along with the speed of the song. He's expessing his feelings about his life. The baclground music is just so nice and smooth. The beats of this song are very steady. I like this song because of the deep and meaningful words the artist is singing. I give this song a 8/10.

I like the intro of the song where he shouts out a friend in a beat. I also like the background music in this song which repeats over and over again. I also like how the lyrics are understandable even though he's saying them fast. I would listen to this type of music in a party or gaming because of the beats. I would give this an solid 10/10 for its amazingness.

Not really in my normal genre. The beat was relaxing. Somthing that you can drive around and listen to. I had a hard time understanding the lyrics. I don't listen to a lot of rap making it hard to follow. But person preference aside. I can totally hear this being on a radio station of its genre.